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FIFA returns with more realism FIFA 22 is the next installment in football simulation games from EA that puts you in the shoes of the player with a realistic environment to enjoy your favorite sport at home. The new title offers additional features, a goalkeeper overhaul and a host of new animations that are sure to impress. Don’t expect too much extra content from FIFA 21, because FIFA 22 is largely the same game. However, if you’re looking for a more in-depth management simulator, Football Manager 2021 delivers, while eFootball PES 2020 offers a different take on the same technology that creates realism. The most important update of FIFA 2022 is the new HyperMotion technology. Hypermotion enables advanced 11v11 matches with internal AI behind players on the field that adapts to create new animations as the game unfolds. While the new animations may not be revolutionary, the appeal is that these animations allow the player to understand the ebb and flow of the game. and flow, which actions can be taken and when certain actions should be taken. Deeper animations allow for a better understanding of where the ball will be, how the controlling player will react, and when it’s best to shoot or change position. Regular FIFA fans will find this addition noteworthy, but due to the implementation of HyperMotion there has been a notable lack of additional updates and added features this year.
HyperMotion technology affects game state by significantly slowing down the game. This was undoubtedly an attempt to reduce the significant number of goals that have become a meme in FIFA 21 in recent months. The slower state of the game makes the game more realistic and rewarding, with an emphasis on position and passing, rather than the to do. . a goal every 2 minutes.
FIFA 2022 Game Modes and Updates This year, FIFA 2022 maintains its core line of game modes with a career mode focused on building your own team from the ground up to the stars. Many players choose FIFA for this mode alone, so making a mark on the world of FIFA will no doubt be a crucial draw for many. In addition, various customization options have been added, from stadium customization to player customization.
Pro Clubs allow players to create a virtual player on the field and use that character in online 11v11 matches. The appeal here is that you just play your character and you can progress and improve as you go along. The mode allows you to fulfill your fantasy of playing on the field in the position of your choice while making a tangible impact on the game.
The new updates provide more ways to see your character’s growth and impact on the game with heatmaps of your time spent on the field and an updated UI.
The next step is FIFA’s Tour mode, which offers a smaller street football experience. With FIFA 2022 comes an update to the skill gauge, signature skills, style and more to deliver more impressive performances on the pitch.
And finally, FIFA’s most controversial game mode, Ultimate Team or FUT for short. Ultimate Team introduces a new Elite Division this time around, allowing the very best to compete for the highest rankings. FUT also offers more customization optionsand better cooperation.
While there are plenty of quality of life updates and small incremental improvements here and there, none seem significant enough to see beyond the annual framework for microtransaction exploits and deployments. Attendance loot boxes mean there’s no guaranteed way to get the players you want, highlighting the pay-to-win RNG dynamic that players and the industry already hate.
The same FIFA but with a new coat of paint. If you’re an avid FIFA player, you’ll find more with the new iteration of your favorite soccer game. The minor tweaks along with the new HyperTechnology should make a valuable change in the feel of the game to justify the purchase.
For new players looking to enter the series, FIFA 22 is the most comprehensive and a great starting point for content availability and ease of use. Regardless of your skill level or experience with the game, still make sure to keep an eye out for EA’s loot box pushing and greedy monetization practices.


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